Roadsafe Drop Box for Nissan Patrol GQ-GU

  • $162.50
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Drop Boxes to suit Patrol GQ-GU are designed to allow for the radius arms to be dropped slightly below the chassis
This is done to correct the caster geometry, correct articulation of the suspension components and improve ride
Roadsafe offer direct Bolt-In option for these Drop Boxes - No welding or cutting required

Once fitted your Roadsafe Drop Boxes will:
- Level the radius arms allowing the wheels to better follow the track surface increasing occupant comfort & traction, in addition to solving caster issues associated with suspension lift
- Eliminate the preload on the rubber bushings permitting for greater flex & longer bushing life
- Moves the front diff forward approx. 10mm allowing clearance between tyre & guard (no need for radius arm spacers when drop boxes are installed)
- Space the gearbox cross member down approx. 8mm improving pinion angles
- Give a smoother ride due to reduced resistance of suspension components in their natural arc
Suits vehicles with 3 to 4 inch lift
These drop boxes should be installed as a pair