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Boab Poly 42L Vertical (Suit Wheel Arch) Diesel Fuel Tank

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  • $250.00

The Boab Ply 42L Tank is designed to be installed vertically between the wheel arch cutouts in most wagons or utes.

Dimensions: 1295mm wide x 600mm high 75mm thick.
The cutout each side is 200mm wide x 250mm high. An additional small rebate contains the brass outlet.

At the top of the tank near the filler cap is a 1/4" BSP brass insert and included with the tank is a vent and short hose kit. This allows the tank to breath and the short 500mm hose allows the vent to be fitted well above the top of tank.The brass outlet fitting is 1/2" BSPT female thread and a hose adaptor to suit 3/8" (10mm) hose which is included.

If mounting the tank inside a vehicle we highly recommend using our optional vent extension kit (Part No FTUVK) which can either extend the location of the standard vent or more preferably allow the tank to be connected to the vehicles main fuel tank ventilation system.