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Outback Armour is an Australia company offering quality suspension options to suit Australian 4WDing conditions.

Outback Armour offers options to suit from Trail - for a light suspension to suit a vehicle with no bullbar or rear bar and not a lot of weight through to an HD Expedition to suit steel bullbars with winches and twin rear wheel carriers.

There are a huge number of variations in quoting suspension that will suit your ride and setup.  We would prefer to talk about your build and your options before you simply click a buy button.  If you are interested in a customised quote on Outback Armour Suspension please phone us on 08 9417 8540 or email us sales@driven4x4.com.au.

We will need to know the make, model and year of your vehicle and will need to discuss with you your carrying options - do you carry 2 tonne on the back of a ute every day or do you tow a boat once a year, is it a run around that takes the kids and the dog on offroad adventures - if we can talk through your needs we can make sure that your Outback Armour experience is the ultimate suspension setup for you.