Vehicle and asset tracking is now becoming a necessity and knowing where these are can help improve your business, including driver ID. By attaching an RFID reader to the Dart 3G tracker you can also prevent unauthorised starting of vehicles, or you may have machinery that only authorised operators are allowed to drive so the operator would have access on a RFID tag or card.

Whilst GPS satellites are used to determine your location, some units only report on the GSM network - this means is that your asset will only store data when out of GSM coverage areas and will only send the data when the asset returns to within GSM range.

There are units that are 100% satellite capable and will report live through the satellite network giving you real time information when you need it. 

We can provide a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Here is a basic outline of the features and benefits.


  • GPS Location
  • Trip reports and replays
  • Speeding and driver behaviour
  • Distance, hours travelled and servicing
  • Management reports
  • Alerts and geo-fences
  • Billing, costing, payroll


  • Operations - cut running costs (fuel, labour, maintenance)
  • Personnel - monitoring, accountability, transparency
  • Utilisation - improve equipment/asset usage, maintenance
  • Profitability - increase contracts, optimize routing and staff
  • Service - punctuality, references, branding
  • Peace of mind - comfort that all activities are on track, ROI


  • Service technicians and contractors
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Resources and Exploration
  • Construction equipment, generators, compressors etc
  • FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax and Vehicle Logbooks)
  • Rental fleets and recreation vehicles